stdout and stderr for browsers

npm install brout
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stdout and stderr for browsers

Installs process.stdout and process.stderr and redirects console.


Install with npm

npm install brout


Assume my-script.js contains this:

process.stdout.write('Hello stdout!\n');
console.log('Hello %s!', 'console');

Use with browserify and phantomic:

$ browserify -t brout my-script.js | phantomic
Hello stdout!
Hello console!

Headless testing with Mocha requires mocaccino:

$ browserify -t brout my-test.js | mocaccino -b -r spec | phantomic


var brout = require('brout');

brout.on('out', function (str)) {
  // ...

brout.on('err', function (str)) {
  // ...

brout.on('exit', function (code)) {
  // ...

Event listeners are tiggered by these calls:

  • process.stdout.write(string)
  • process.stderr.write(string)
  • process.exit(code)

The console functions log, info, warn and error get replaced and the original implementation is exposed:

  • console.log.original
  • console.warn.original
  • console.error.original

The console override behaves like node's implementation and writes to process.stdout and process.sterr.

If an out or err listener is installed, then the corresponding console message is no longer forwarded to the original console implementation.



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