Measure browser performance metrics

npm install browser-perf
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  • Is a NodeJS based tool
  • For measuring browser performance metrics (like layout, paint, dom load or frame times)
  • For Web pages, Cordova/Phonegap and other Hybrid applications.
  • Metrics are measured when scrolling the web page, or during a Checkout workflow defined using Selenium.
  • Tool collects the metrics from sources like about:tracing, Chrome Devtools timeline, IE UI Responsiveness tab, Xperf, etc.
  • Monitor this information regularly by integrating the tool with continuous integration systems.

Please see the wiki pages for more information.


Command line

Install the tool using npm install -g browser-perf and then run

$ browser-perf --browsers=chrome,firefox --username=username --accesskey=accesskey
  • Replace username and access key with the username and accesskey
  • If you have Selenium set up, you could substitute with localhost:4444
  • You can also use BrowserStack credentials and substitute with

See the wiki page for an extensive list of command line options and more usage scenarios.

Node Module

browser-perf is also a node module and has the following API

var browserPerf = require('browser-perf');
browserPerf('/*URL of the page to be tested*/', function(err, res) {
    // res - array of objects. Metrics for this URL
    res === {
        browserName : "chrome"
}, {
    selenium: 'localhost:4444',
    browsers: ['chrome', 'firefox']
    username: SAUCE_USERNAME // if running tests on the cloud  

See the API wiki page for more details on configuring. Instructions on using it for Cordova apps is also on the wiki


  • Websites can become slow
    • over time as more CSS and Javascript is added
    • due to a single commit that adds expensive CSS (like gradients)
  • We use tools in Chrome or Internet Explorer only when the site is too slow.
  • Tools like YSlow and Page Speed are great, but will it not be better if the are a part of continuous integration?
  • Tools like this( and Phantomas can fill the gap to monitor site performance every time a checkin is performed.


Licensed under BSD-2 Clause. See License.txt for more details


Please ping me if you would need help setting this up.

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