Live CSS Reload & Browser Syncing

npm install browser-sync
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Keep multiple browsers & devices in sync when building websites.

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  1. Scroll - I can keep your pages in sync when scrolling.
  2. Forms - You fill out a form in one browser, I'll copy the data to all the others.
  3. Links - I'll watch your clicks & and make all the other browsers follow you.
  4. CSS injecting - I can even watch your CSS files & inject them when they change.
  5. Live Reload - I can also watch files like HTML and PHP & when they change I can reload all browsers for you.
  6. Built-in Server - Yep, I can serve static files too if you need me to (uses Connect).
  7. Use with any back-end setup - Browser-sync includes a proxy option so that it can be used with any existing PHP, Rails, Python, Node or setup.

When is it useful?

It's pretty useful when used with a single browser, watching a CSS file for changes & injecting it. But the real power comes when you're building responsive sites and using multiple devices/monitors because it can keep all browsers in sync & make your workflow much faster.


npm install -g browser-sync

How to use it

There are currently 2 ways to use browser-sync - with a config file & without a config file. Both options are explained on the following pages.

  1. With a config file
  2. Command line only (no config file)

Using Grunt?

There's a separate plugin for that

Using Gulp?

No problem, here's a setup guide


Some listed here Want any more? Something specific? ask me nicely @shaneOsbourne


If you've found Browser-sync useful and would like to contribute to its continued development & support, please feel free to send a donation of any size - it would be greatly appreciated!

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