A simple, easy-to-use browser guardian.

npm install browsers
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A simple browser manager.

0. Features

  • Detect available browsers.
  • Start and kill browser.
  • Auto restart browser when necessary.

Supported browsers

Both on mac and windows.

Be mind that all browsers must be installed in default path.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • IE

1. Installation

Install From npm

npm install browsers

Install From Github

to get the latest function

git clone
cd browsers
sudo npm install -g

2. Quick Start

Auto detect available browsers, and visit

$ browsers

Open chrome and firefox to visit

$ browsers --browsers=chrome,firefox

3. Cli Options

-h, --help

Output usage information.

-v, --version

Output the version number.


Show debug log.


Specify URL to visit.


Specify browsers to open.

Default: all available browsers on OS.


If browser memory(in M) is more than this value, it will restart.

Default: 200M on windows, and 500M on other OS.


Time(hh:mm) or interval(in hour) to restart

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