BTC-E Trading API

npm install btce
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BTC-E API for Node.js

Simple API to BTC-E Crypto Coin Trading platform


  • Full API (Public and Trade)
  • Asynchronous requests
  • Automatically converts Date objects, strings and JS timestamps to UNIX timestamps

Usage samples


npm install btce


var BTCE = require('btce')
var btce = new BTCE('YOUR-KEY', 'YOUR-SECRET')

Get a ticker

btce.ticker({ pair: 'btc_usd' }, function(err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data)
  else console.log(err)

Display user information (funds, transaction count, open orders count...)

btce.getInfo(function(err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data)
  else console.log(err)

Get last 10 transactions in descending order

btce.transHistory({ count: 10, order: 'DESC' }, function(err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data)
  else console.log(err)

Buy 2 bitcoins for 100$ each{'pair': 'btc_usd', 'type': 'buy', 'rate': 100.0, 'amount': 2.0}, function(err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data);
  else console.log(err);


// Trade API (requires api key and secret)
transHistory(params, callback)
tradeHistory(params, callback)
orderList(params, callback)
activeOrders(params, callback)
trade(params, callback)
cancelOrder(orderId, callback)
query(method, params, callback)

// Public API
fee(params, callback)
trades(params, callback)
depth(params, callback)
ticker(params, callback)

// utils
getHTTPS(url, callback)

Information about parameters in source comments

BTC-E API documentation

Feature requests

  • petermrg at ymail dot com
  • BTC: 1GVRSmJzZpFoLvFnPNtdwPeVXh6t4t65PZ
  • XPM: Aett4LKYVkaHXzp3EJAUiMzk29No9a9ZUu
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