A bunyan-compatible stream interface that sends error logs to raven-node.

npm install bunyan-raven
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BUNYAN-RAVEN is an objectMode stream.Writable implementation that expects node-bunyan log records and sends them to an instance of raven-node.

Basically, this module lets you integrate your existing node-bunyan logs with getsentry.com nice and easy without having to rewrite any code except for where you initialize your node-bunyan logger.


First, create your raven-node client as usual:

var raven = require('raven')
  , client = new raven.Client("___YOUR_SENTRY_DSN__OR_DEFER_TO_env.SENTRY_DSN___");

client.patchGlobal(); // optional

Then when you create your node-bunyan logger, include an instance of the RavenStream as well and configure it to match your desired logging level:

var bunyan = require('bunyan')
  , RavenStream = require('bunyan-raven');

var logger = bunyan.createLogger(
  { name: 'test logger'

  , streams:
    [ { type: 'raw'
      , stream: new RavenStream(client)
      , level: 'error'

RavenStream will automatically logs any error objects if it is passed in the err key of the log record or will simply creates a new Error object with the log record's message.


PRs welcome. Bug reports/assistance, just file a GitHub issue.



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