buster extension for istanbul code coverage.

npm install buster-istanbul
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busterjs coverage extension

Getting Started

Add buster-istanbul as a dependency in your package.json file.

  "name": "awesome name",
  "dependencies": {
    "buster-istanbul": "*"

Configure buster to use buster-istanbul as extension

module.exports.tests = {
    environment: "node",

    rootPath : "./",
    sources: [
    tests : [
    "buster-istanbul": {
      outputDirectory: "coverage",
      format: "lcov"
    extensions: [

Buster JS options

sources will be the files that will be instrumented.

buster-istanbul options

outputDirectory is path to where the files will be written to. Defaults to the current working directory.

format is a string or a list of formats to generate.

Currently supported formats:

  • lcov
  • cobertura
  • json
  • text
  • text-summary

if text and text-summary formats are given, coverage.txt and coverage-summary.txt files will be generated besides being output to the console at the same time.

silent is a flag to turn off reporting at the end of the test run. Valid values is true or false. Defaults to false.

instrument is a flag to turn off instrumentation of your source file. You will need to handle this yourself. Defaults to true.

Write your buster test as usual.

Example project: buster-istanbul-demo


Copyright (c) 2013 kates
Licensed under the MIT license.

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