Cloud Assistants security lib

npm install caf_security
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CAF (Cloud Assistant Framework)

Co-design permanent, active, stateful, reliable cloud proxies with your web app.


CAF Lib Security

This repository contains a CAF lib to add security checks.



Configuration Example


   "plugs": [
        "module": "caf_security/plug",
        "name": "security_mux",
        "description": "Authenticates requests\n Properties: <strategy> Name for the authentication mechanism \n <tokenKey> Secret to sign tokens \n <tokenExpires> Validity in seconds of a token\n <users> username/hashed passwords for valid users\n",
        "env": {
            "strategy" : {
                "local":  {
                    "tokenExpires" : 50000,
                    "tokenKey" : "pleasechange",
                    "users" : {
                        "antonio" : "sha1$c414d4b2$1$9920e4c8d3d8a7f1db37867e55240e2dfa482c26",
                        "john" :"sha1$3f1d4cdf$1$a33427e0ebb54df43e365d6effc55c1683f142e6"
                "accounts": {
                    "serviceUrl" : "",
                    "pubFile" : "rsa_pub.pem",
                    "unrestricted" : false

In the example above we enable two authentication policies:

  • local Insecure, use only for debugging. It uses a shared key to encrypt tokens that all apps should know. We add password hashes of users using nodepw in the npm package password-hash.

  • accounts Uses an external authentication service that signs tokens with an asymmetric key (RSA). The file rsa_pub.pem (in the same directory as framework.json) contains the service public key (self-signed certificate in PEM format, see openssl). The property unrestricted is a suggestion that this app needs a token that can be used to authenticate to any application; the end user is prompted to confirm this request, and should only grant it for trusted apps.


"internal" : [
        "module": "caf_security/plug_ca",
        "name": "security_ca",
        "description": "Authorization checks for this CA",
        "env" : {

 "proxies" : [
        "module": "caf_security/proxy",
        "name": "security",
        "description": "Proxy to security services for this CA",
        "env" : {

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