Streamed Web Server with easy Ajax, EventSource, Templating, Static pages; Middleware approach and extensibility.

npm install camp
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Framework for awesome WebApps!

Get it

Use it

  • npm install camp
  • put website in web/
  • edit app.js
  • run node app 1234
  • hit [localhost:1234] (http://localhost:1234/)
  • enjoy!

Try the default demo for free by [downloading] ( ScoutCamp and issuing node app 1234 to the command prompt!


  • cool web server with routes, pluggable templates and all!
  • super easy Ajax scripting!
  • super easy EventSource and WebSockets!
  • streams!
  • focus on your website, not on the framework!



Versions are tags labeled after the day it was released.

12.11.10 → january 10th, 2012
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