Check current enabled APIs on platforms. Such as WAC, Phonegap.

npm install caniusejs
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A node library to check current enabled APIs of a platform.


npm install caniusejs


```js var caniusejs = require('caniusejs'), result;

result = caniusejs.getIgnoreString();

//return BOM: ['document', 'navigator', 'history', 'location', 'screen', ...]

result = caniusejs.getCheckedSpecs();

//return supported specs: ['wac', 'phonegap', 'html5', ...]

result = caniusejs.getCheckedPlatforms();

//return supported specs: ['android', 'ios', 'bb', 'wp', ...]

result = caniusejs.getCheckedTypes();

// apiType result: // first-level : the first sub-objects of window, eg: 'document', 'navigator', 'history', 'window.history'... // second-level : the second sub-objects or properties of window, eg: 'navigator.getUserMedia(...)', 'deviceapis.pim', 'window.deviceapis.pim'... // third-level : the third sub-objects or properties of window, eg: 'deviceapis.filesystem.resolve(...)', ''... // direct-property : the direct properties of window, eg: 'alert(...)', 'window.openDatabase(...)', 'screenX', 'window.screenX'... // dynamic-object : dynamic applicate objects, eg: 'new FileReader', 'new Media(...)'...

result = caniusejs.getCheckedApis();

//return all the APIs as apiType.

result = caniusejs.checkIsSupported(...);

//check the input API is supported by the platform or not. //status result: // n : NOT supported // y : IS supported // quirks string : the API supported mostly, but there still some quirks in using. Return the quirks.

result = caniusejs.checkIsSupported('openDatabase', 'phonegap', 'direct-property', 'webos'); console.log(result);


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