Experimental Coffeescript Prelude

npm install cardamom
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New-style Classes for CoffeeScript


  • Avoid the usage of 'name: =>' for bound-method declarations, which is inconsistent with the rest of CoffeeScript.
  • Decorators work flawlessly with bound methods.
  • Declarative syntax for methods, for more literate code.


class Foo extends Base

    info:     -> "{this}"
    toString: -> "<Foo>"
    clazz:    => "clazz:#{this}"  # fat arrow now binds to Foo.

    toString: -> "[class:Foo]"

    static:   -> "static:#{this}" # depends on how the function is invoked

class Bar extends Foo

    info:     decorator -> "{this}" # binding works even with decorators
    toString: -> "<Bar>"

    toString: -> "[class:Bar]"

f = new Foo()
f_info =
f_static = f.static
console.log    #<Foo>
console.log f_info()    #<Foo>
console.log f.clazz()   # clazz:[class:Foo]
console.log f.static()  # static:<Foo>
console.log f_static()  # static:[object global]

b = new Bar()
b_info =
console.log    #<Bar>
console.log b_info()    #<Bar>
console.log b.clazz()   # clazz:[class:Foo]


Allows the declaration of argument structure.

-   X     : any type. X is a placeholder for the argument name (not used)
-  {X}    : object type
-  "X"    : string type
-  X->    : function type
-     ?   : arg can be 'undefined'
- [    ]  : arg is optional (can be left out)


myfunc = Fn ' "name" [{options}?] callback-> ', (name, options, callback) ->

The name can be missing from the argument syntax, so the above is the same as...

myfunc = Fn ' "" [{}?] -> ', (foo, options, cb) ->

Missing arguments are always passed in as 'undefined'.

myfunc = Fn ' foo bar ', (foo, bar) -> console.log "#{foo} #{bar}"
myfunc('hello') # hello undefined

Extra arguments throw an error.

myfunc = Fn ' foo bar ', (foo, bar) -> console.log "#{foo} #{bar}"
myfunc('hello', 'coffee', 'donut') # throws error
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