CartoDB Node.js client library

npm install cartodb
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CartoDB client for node.js

This library allows to perform async read/write queries to cartodb.


npm install cartodb


The library provides two auth ways, oauth client and api key client. Both have the same funcionallity and you should choose one of them depending on you requirements.

var CartoDB = require('cartodb');
var secret = require('./secret.js');

/* you could change this providing an api_key instead of consumer key / secret if you want to use oath
client = new CartoDB({
       user: secret.USER,
       password: secret.password,
       consumer_key: secret.CONSUMER_KEY, 
       consumer_secret: secret.CONSUMER_SECRET
var client = new CartoDB({user: secret.USER,api_key: secret.API_KEY});

client.on('connect', function() {

    // template can be used
    client.query("select * from {table} limit 5", {table: 'tracker'}, function(err, data){
    // JSON parsed data or error messages are returned

    // chained calls are allowed
    .query("select * from tracker limit 5 offset 5", function(err, data){});

// client is a Stream object instance so you can pipe responses as new line delimited JSON, for example, to a file

var output = require('fs').createWriteStream(__dirname + '/responses.log');


CartoDB-nodejs implements visionmedia's debug library. You can see what's happening with the requests via an environment variable

DEBUG=cartodb node yourscript.js


  • nodejs >=0.6.0
  • CartoDB account
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