Use [Caterpillar]( within Web Browsers! (even includes support for colors!)

npm install caterpillar-browser
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Browser Transform for Caterpillar

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Use Caterpillar within Web Browsers! (even includes support for colors!)


Node, Browserify

  • Use: require('caterpillar-browser')
  • Install: npm install --save caterpillar-browser


  • Use: require('caterpillar-browser')
  • Install: ender add caterpillar-browser



// ====================================
// logger.js

// Logger
var logger = require('caterpillar').createLogger({level:7});
var output = logger

// Export
module.exports = {

// ====================================
// app.js

// Import
var logger = require('./logger')

// Log
var logLevel, _i;
for (logLevel = _i = 0; _i <= 7; logLevel = ++_i) {
    logger.log(logLevel, "this is log level " + logLevel);

Result in Google Chrome (also works in Firefox)

Browser API, extends caterpillar.Transform, which extends stream.Transform

new (require('caterpillar-browser').Browser)(config)
  • Methods
    • constructor(config?) create our new browser instance with the config, config is optional
    • pipe(child) pipe our stream to the child, also sync our config to it
    • setConfig(config) set the configuration and emit the config event
    • getConfig() get the configuration
    • format(entry) format the caterpillar human readable logger entry (returns an Array)
  • Configuration

    • write boolean, defaults to true, whether or not we should write directly to the browser's console
    • color boolean, defaults to true, set to false to turn off colors
    • styles objects of the level to color mapping, defaults to:

            red: {
                start: 31,
                end: 39,
                value: 'color:red'
            yellow: {
                start: 33,
                end: 39,
                value: 'color:orange'
            green: {
                start: 32,
                end: 39,
                value: 'color:green'
            bright: {
                start: 1,
                end: 22,
                value: 'font-weight:bold'
            dim: {
                start: 2,
                end: 22,
                value: 'color:lightGray'
            italic: {
                start: 3,
                end: 23,
                value: 'font-style:italic'
            underline: {
                start: 4,
                end: 24,
                value: 'text-decoration:underline'
  • Events

    • config(config) emitted once our configuration has updated


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