Filter out undesired log levels from your [Caterpillar]( logger stream

npm install caterpillar-filter
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Filter Transform for Caterpillar

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Filter out undesired log levels from your Caterpillar logger stream


Node, Browserify

  • Use: require('caterpillar-filter')
  • Install: npm install --save caterpillar-filter


  • Use: require('caterpillar-filter')
  • Install: ender add caterpillar-filter



// Import
var logger = require('caterpillar').createLogger();
var filter = require('caterpillar-filter').createFilter({level:6});  // omit log level entries above 6

// Pipe logger output to filter, then filter output to stdout

// Log
logger.log('info',  'this is the first log entry');   // info is level 6
logger.log('debug', 'this is the second log entry');  // debug is level 7, this will be omitted by our filter
logger.log('info',  'this is the third log entry');   // info is level 6

// Outputs
// {"args":["this is the first log entry"],"date":"2013-04-25T08:48:38.941Z","levelCode":6,"levelName":"info","line":"9","method":"Object.<anonymous>","file":"/Users/balupton/Projects/caterpillar-filter/example.js"}
// {"args":["this is the third log entry"],"date":"2013-04-25T08:48:38.948Z","levelCode":6,"levelName":"info","line":"11","method":"Object.<anonymous>","file":"/Users/balupton/Projects/caterpillar-filter/example.js"}

Filter API, extends caterpillar.Transform, which extends stream.Transform

new (require('caterpillar-filter').Filter)(config)
  • Methods
    • constructor(config?) create our new filter instance with the config, config is optional
    • pipe(child) pipe our stream to the child, also sync our config to it
    • setConfig(config) set the configuration and emit the config event
    • getConfig() get the configuration
    • format(entry) format the caterpillar logger entry
  • Configuration
    • level number, defaults to 6, anything higher will be omitted
  • Events
    • config(config) emitted once our configuration has updated


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