Utility functions for Cakefiles.

npm install cc.ake
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npm install -g cc.ake


ake    = require 'cc.ake'

# add node_modules binaries to head of path
do ake.nodeModulePath

# ensure every argument passes. strings are treated as unix commands and
# functions are run normally. Either a bad shell exit status or an exception
# thrown from a function will cause the process to exit.
ake.assert 'rm -f bad',
  ake.invoke 'othertask' # invoke another task
  'cp -n something somewhere' # if exit status is bad, terminate process
  'echo yo'
    do stuff
    # this will terminate the coffeescript process
    throw "an error" 'testdir',
  /.coffee$/, (fname) ->
    console.log 'changed', fname
    exec 'coffee -c testdir'
  /.js$/, (fname) ->
    console.log 'js updated', fname
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