NodeJS native binding to CELT

npm install celt
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NodeJS native bindings to libcelt

This module implements bindings for Celt v0.7.0 for Node.js.

celt = require('node-celt');

// Create the encoder.
// Specify 48kHz sampling rate and 10ms frame size.
// NOTE: The decoder must use the same values when decoding the packets.
var rate = 48000;
var frame_size = rate/100;
var encoder = new celt.CeltEncoder( rate );

// Encode and decode.
var encoded = encoder.encode( buffer );
var decoded = encoder.decode( encoded );

Platform support

Supported platforms:

  • Linux x64

Add new supported platforms by running ./configure in deps/celt-0.7.1 and copying the resulting config.h to deps/config/celt-0.7.1//.

Use the following flags: --enable-static --disable-shared --with-pic

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