Common Font Minification Tool

npm install cfmin
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SYSLIB Common Font Minification Tool.

Build 2013101703.

This is a tool to compress font and gen webfont. It can convert TTF/OTF/SVG/WOFF/EOT.... to TTF/SVG/WOFF/EOT and gen webfont css,then pack with zip.

Now only windows are supported. I'm working on the dependencies' compile script.

just head to test dir and have fun.


   npm install cfmin [ no -g please]


   node cfmin.js [opitions] -f [file] [-n [name]] -m [map]


    --no_zip                        do not pack
    --no_css                        do not gen css
    --no_ttf                        do not gen ttf
    --no_svg                        do not gen svg
    --no_eot                        do not eot
    --no_woff                       do not gen woff
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