Command line tool (and Node module) that generates a changelog in color output, markdown, or json for modules in's registry as well as any public repo.

npm install changelog
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## changelog NPM version Build Status > Command line tool (and Node module) that generates a changelog in color output, markdown, or json for modules in's registry as well as any public repo. changelog ### Command-line Usage #### Node Modules in NPM Modules do not need to be installed to generate changelog but they must define their repository url in their package.json. Example using Express sh $ changelog {npm module name} [release] [options] npm module: The module name, such as express, npm, grunt, etc. #### Any Public Repository Changelog also works on any public Github repo. sh $ changelog { repo} [options] repo url: Urls can be any format, such as or or even just dylang/changelog. #### Help changelog --help Usage: changelog <npm module name> [versions] [options] changelog <github repo url> [versions] [options] Module name: $ changelog npm Github repo: $ changelog $ changelog isaacs/npm Versions: latest Default: Show only the latest versions. ex: $ changelog npm latest all Show all versions. ex: $ changelog npm all number Show that many recent versions. ex: $ changelog npm 3 n.n.n Show changes for a specific version. ex: $ changelog npm 1.3.11 Options: -c, --color Output as Color (terminal default) -m, --markdown Output as Github-flavored Markdown (file default) -j, --json Output as JSON -d, --debug Enable debugging -h, --help Display help and usage details #### More Examples More Examples ### Changelog API Changelog can be easily integrated into other tools. #### `changelog.generate(name, versions) name string, required NPM module name from registry. versions integer or semver, optional Number of versions, or the semver version to show. js var changelog = require('changelog'); changelog.generate(NpmPackageName, countOrVersions) .then(changelog.markdown); ````js var changelog = require('changelog'); changelog.generate('grunt') .then(showChanges); function showChanges(data) { //With npm each "version" corresponds to all changes for that build pushed on npm //With github each "version" is one GMT day of changes data.versions.forEach(function(version) { console.log(version.version); //currently npm projects only console.log(; //JS Date //version.changes is an array of commit messages for that version version.changes.forEach(function(change) { console.log(' ' + change); }); }); //Information about the project console.log(data.project); } ``` ### How it works * Changelog uses [ API]( to get the list of versions and the publish dates. * It cross-references the versions innpmwith the commit history from the [Github's API]( ### Inspiration [Dylan Greene]( built this because he was always curious what was changed when doingnpm update. This module's name is inspired by listening to [TheChangelog Podcast]( on the way to [work]( ### About the Author Hello fellow developer! My name is [Dylan Greene]( When not overwhelmed with my two kids I enjoy contributing to the open source community. I'm a tech lead at [Opower]( I lead a team using Grunt and Angular to build software that successfully helps people like us use less power. Not too long ago I co-created [Doodle or Die](, a hilarious web game with millions of doodles that won us Node Knockout for the "most fun" category. I'm [dylang]( on Twitter and other places. Some of my other Node projects: | Name | Description | Github Stars | Npm Installs | |---|---|--:|--:| | [grunt-notify]( | Automatic desktop notifications for Grunt errors and warnings using Growl for OS X or Windows, Mountain Lion and Mavericks Notification Center, and Notify-Send. | 619 | 52,208 | | [grunt-prompt]( | Interactive prompt for your Grunt config using console checkboxes, text input with filtering, password fields. | 144 | 6,885 | | [rss]( | RSS feed generator. A really simple API to add RSS feeds to any project. | 177 | 98,802 | | [shortid]( | Amazingly short non-sequential url-friendly unique id generator. | 129 | 22,984 | | [xml]( | Fast and simple xml generator. Supports attributes, CDATA, etc. Includes tests and examples. | 35 | 180,625 | | [anthology]( | Module information and stats for any @npmjs user | _New!_ | _TBD_ | | [grunt-attention]( | Display attention-grabbing messages in the terminal | _New!_ | 336 | | [observatory]( | Beautiful UI for showing tasks running on the command line. | _New!_ | 81 | | [logging]( | Super sexy color console logging with cluster support. | 21 | 8,793 | | [grunt-cat]( | Echo a file to the terminal. Works with text, figlets, ascii art, and full-color ansi. | _New!_ | 396 | _This list was generated using [anthology]( ### License Copyright (c) 2014 undefined, contributors. Released under the [MIT license]( Screenshots are [CC BY-SA]( (Attribution-ShareAlike). *** _Generated using [grunt-readme]( with [grunt-templates-dylang]( on Monday, February 10, 2014._ [![Bitdeli Badge](]( "Bitdeli Badge") [![Google Analytics](]( <!--- This file was automatically generated. Usegrunt readme` to regenerate. --->
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