Change Notification for CouchDB (plus others)

npm install changemate
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Steelmesh Changemate

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Changemate is a change notification service and framework. At present it only supports responding to the _changes feed of a couch database, but will be expanded in time to support other change notification formats.

Supported Notifiers


The couchdb notifier is the first cab off the rank, as it is required for steelmesh. The couchdb notifier hooks into the continuous changes feed for a couchdb instance.

Example Creation:

var notifier ='<:couch:> http://localhost:5984/testdb');


var notifier ='http://localhost:5984/testdb', { type: 'couch' });

Supported Options:

  • since - the change_sequence to get changes since
  • include_docs - whether or not document fragments should be included with the change data
  • heartbeat - the heartbeat interval for the changes feed

Coming Soon

  • Filesystem


Simple Example

var changemate = require('changemate'),
    counter = 0,
    notifier ='<:couch:>');

notifier.on('change', function(data) {
    console.log('got change id: ' + + ', seq: ' + data.seq + ', counter: ' + (++counter));

notifier.on('close', function() {
    console.log('notifier closed');

State Management

You can see by running the example above, that the changes for the feed are read from since=0 each time. While this is good for the purpose of the example, it's unlikely to be the desired behaviour in your application.

Changemate does not offer a checkpoint persistence mechanism, but does provide checkpoint information so that you can store that information yourself and use it:

var changemate = require('../'),
    counter = 0, notifier, _checkpoint;

function _createNotifier() {
    // reset the counter
    counter = 0;


    // create the notifier
    notifier =
        '<:couch:>', // target
        {}, // options
        _checkpoint // checkpoint

    notifier.on('change', function(data, checkpoint) {
        // save the checkpoint
        _checkpoint = checkpoint;

        console.log('got change id: ' + + ', seq: ' + data.seq + ', counter: ' + (++counter));
        if (counter >= 100) {

// create the notifier

In the example above, we are collecting the checkpoint data that is passed through in the change event. Additionally, we are closing the notifier for every 100 updates, and creating a new notifier with the checkpoint data that has been captured in previous events.

To make the sample above persist across sessions, the checkpoint information could be save to a local JSON file or similar and reloaded the next time the script ran to start from next required update.

Alternative Solutions

Changemate is designed to be a change notification library that supports providing notifications from various sources. There are some excellent (and more mature) libraries that provide similar services for usually just one of the change sources:


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