drain an object stream and wrap it in a promise

npm install charybdis
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drain an object stream and wrap it in a promise


Think of it as a streaming version of Q.all. Pipe a stream of promises into it and await them all to resolve, or reject on any error.

var charybdis = require('charybdis')

var readStream = // from somewhere

var done = charybdis(readStream, function (obj) {
  // this is called for each object in the readStream
  return Promise(obj)

done.then(function (stats) {
  console.log('we just processed ' + stats.operations + ' ops')

In pseudo code, lets say we want to stream a log file and validate a resource in the db:

  .then(function () { console.log('done')},
    function (err) { console.error(err)})


charybdis := (handler?: (Object) => Promise))
              => WriteStream & Promise<Stats>

type Stats : {
  objects: Number,
  operations: Number,
  start: Timestamp,
  streamEnd: Timestamp,
  end: Timestamp

  inEnd: Event<void>  when the ReadStream ends
  tick: Event<Stats>  periodically as processing is happening
  when each of the promises is resolved
  when any of of the promises is rejected or on stream error

The promiser is a function called on every item in the read stream. If it returns a Promise, that is considered to be an operation. Once all input streams have ended and all operations have been resolved, the aggregate promise will be resolved.


$ npm install charybdis

running the tests

From package root:

$ npm install
$ npm test



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