node-childseat ==============

npm install childseat
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Childseat allows you to interact with child processes using functions and callbacks. Childseat's fork() function produces the same ChildProcess produced by node's child_process.fork() function, except that you can attach function calls to it.

Childseat detects whether it has been required in a parent or child process and behaves accordingly.



var Childseat = require('childseat');

var childFunction (arg1, arg2, callback) {
  // Do something
  console.log("I receieved " + arg1 + " and " + arg2 + " from my parent!");
  var result = arg1 + arg2;

Childseat.add('childFunction', childFunction);


var Childseat = require('childseat');

var child = Childseat.fork('child.js');

// Child processes take some time to spin up, as per node's child_process documentation
setTimeout(function () {
  child.childFunction(value1, value2, function (result) {
    console.log("I received " + results + " from my child!");
    expect(result).to.equal(value1 + value2);
}, 1000);
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