JavaScript library for color conversions

npm install chroma-js
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Chroma.js is a tiny JavaScript library (8.5kB) for all kinds of color conversions and color scales.


Initiate and manipulate colors:

chroma('#D4F880').darken().hex();  // #9BC04B

Working with color scales is easy, too:

scale = chroma.scale(['white', 'red']);
scale(0.5).hex(); // #FF7F7F

Lab/Lch interpolation looks better than than RGB

chroma.scale(['white', 'red']).mode('lab');

Custom domains! Quantiles! Color Brewer!!

chroma.scale('RdYlBu').domain(myValues, 7, 'quantiles');

And why not use logarithmic color scales once in your life?

chroma.scale(['lightyellow', 'navy']).domain([1, 100000], 7, 'log');

Like it?

Why not dive into the API docs (quite short actually), and download chroma.min.js right away.

You can use it in node.js, too!

npm install chroma-js

Build instructions

To compile the coffee-script source files you have to run

To run the tests simply run

vows test/*.coffee

Similar Libraries / Prior Art


Chroma.js is written by Gregor Aisch.


Released under BSD license. Versions prior to 0.4 were released under GPL.

Known issues

  • HSI color conversion (experimental) produces weird results sometimes
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