Backbone like Class.extend utility for Node

npm install class-extend
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Backbone's .extend like inheritance helper for Node.js


var Base = require('base');

// Extend from the blank class
var Sub = Base.extend();

// Add the .extend helper to a class
MyClass.extend = Base.extend;


.extend allow you to assign prototype and static methods.

If no constructor method is assigned, the parent constructor method will be called by default.

// Extend a class
var Sub = Parent.extend({
  // Overwrite the default constructor
  constructor: function () {},

  // Sub class prototypes methods
  hello: function () { console.log('hello'); }
}, {
  // Constructor static methods
  hey: function () { console.log('hey'); }

// LOG: hey

var instance = new Sub();
// LOG: hello


Sub classes are assigned a __super__ static property pointing to their parent prototype.

var Sub = Parent.extend();
assert(Sub.__super__ === Parent.prototype);


Copyright (c) 2013 Simon Boudrias
Licensed under the MIT license.

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