Query String to SQL Clause Generator

npm install clause
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A small helper module used to convert query string parameters into a SQL where clause that can be used in various SQL dialects.


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clause(input, dialect?)

Parse the input query string based on the specified SQL dialect (defaults to SQL92)

Condition Types


This is the base type for all sql conditions.

SQL Dialect Generators


SqlFieldCondition(fieldName, comparior, value)

The field condition type represents a simple field comparison operation, such as name = "Bob" or age = 35. This type also encapsulates simple provides IS NOT NULL checks if the value is left as an empty string.

Additionally, if the value argument of the constructor is passed an array then the operator will change from whatever was specified as a default to an IN test, e.g. age in [35, 36].


Convert a standard field condition to a string



The parse function is used to extract the object querystring data into an array of parameter instructions that can be converted into a SQL dialect specific where clause. The function is exposed so custom dialects can reuse this portion of the code and implement their own mapping of the fields to their dialect.

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