clones a module at the given revision

npm install cloned
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Clone a local or remote git repository at a specific revision. Then do an npm install in it if it has a package.json file.


var cloned = require('cloned');

cloned(revision, callback(err, pathToRepository))

revision : string - either a path to a repo such as 'git://' or just a sha 'ea1883'. If just given a sha, it will clone the git repo found in process.cwd

callback : function - callback when the repository is cloned err: object - error if there was an error cloning pathToRepository: string - path to cloned repository


var cloned = require('cloned');

//clone the current git repository (found at process.cwd) to a specific revision
cloned('ea1883', function(err, dir) {

var cloned = require('cloned');

//clone a remote repository at a specific revision
cloned('', function(err, dir) {




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