Cloud database.

npm install clouddb
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A cloud-based database.

The idea is to create a useful database and document store based on high-level components such as Amazon's S3, SimpleDB and SQS. Although the database may not be the most performant, it should end up being incredibly reliable. And by using AWS services it will be possible to get up and running with nothing more than a set of AWS keys.

To run the tests, copy the config/environment.yaml file to something suitable, and then set your AWS keys. The name of the file you use should be set in the NODE_ENV environment variable. For example, if you create a file config/test.yaml to hold your keys then you can test as follows:

export NODE_ENV=test

For more information on why that works, see the magical config module.

Alternatively, if using npm test, then create a config/_default.yaml file, which looks something like this:

  accessKeyId: '12345678blah'
  secretAccessKey: xyzblah
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