Lightweight library for parsing process.argv

npm install cltags
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A Lightweight Node.JS module for parsing process.argv

Code Example

var tags = require("cltags");
var options = tags.parse(process.argv);

Thats really all their is to it, so for example if you ran your script with:

node script_name search --recursive --filetype="js" demo search query

You would get back from the tags.parse command an object that looks like:

  command: "search",
  filetype: "js",
  recursive: true,
  query: "demo search query"

Other features

  • Defaults - the second parameter is an optional list of defaults which will get returned in the object unless overridden
  • Short Formed Tags - the third parameter is a list of replacements for short tags

All together it would look something like the following:

var tags = require("cltags");

var defaults = {
  depth: 2,
  recursive: false

var replacements = {
  d: "depth",
  r: "recursive"

var options = tags.parse(process.argv, defaults, replacements);

You can then run something like:

script_name -r

and get back an object like:

  command: "",
  query: "",
  depth: 2,
  recursive: true
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