Piping streams across a cluster of Workers

npm install clusterstream
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Clusterstream allows streams to extend across a cluster of child processes. In the master, simply pipe the end of the origin stream into clusterstream.Fork(n,options), where n stands for the number of forks created. In the worker simple pipe from clusterstream.Worker(options) to receive the data on the other end. Don't forget to set objecMode:true in the options if you are passing object (most likely case).

Here is a quick and dirty usage example:

var clusterstream = require("clusterstream"),
  stream = require("stream");

if (clusterstream.isMaster) {
  // Set up a simple passthrough to accept our testdata and pipe it to a Fork
  var p = stream.PassThrough({objectMode:true})

  // Send data down the wire, ending with a null
  [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,null].forEach(function(d) {

if (clusterstream.isWorker)  {
  // set up a simple delayed console.log for demonstration purposes
  var logStream = stream.Transform({objectMode:true,highWaterMark:1});

  logStream._transform = function(chunk,encoding,callback) {
    setTimeout(function(d) {

  //Pipe the worker into the console.log stream
    .on("finish",function() {
      console.log("the end of this worker");
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