Co-based easymongo

npm install co-easymongo
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Implementation of the easymongo with generator based flow-control.

Currently you must use the --harmony-generators flag when running node 0.11.x to get access to generators.


$ npm install co-easymongo


var co = require('co');

var mongo = require('co-easymongo')({
  dbname: 'test'

co(function *() {
  var posts = mongo.collection('posts');

  // array of documents
  var results = yield posts.find({title: 'Some title'}, {limit: 2});

  // new document
  var result = yield{title: 'Some title', text: 'Some text'});

  // result of operation (boolean)
  var result = yield posts.remove({title: 'Some title'});

To figure which of APIs are available, you need to read the easymongo readme.



The MIT License, see the included file.

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