Gates to make an async callback to a synchronized syntax. This should be used with co.

npm install co-gate
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Gate module to guard asynchronous API with a callback. It works nicely with co.

co is a great solution to remove callbacks from your apps. But you should change async apis to Thunks or Promises. co-gate protects you from complex callback syntax, but also from changing existing apis.

This module is inspired by chan. A most important difference is handling parallel async apis. co-gate will stop at yield before all callback returned and return array with multiple values.


npm install co-gate


// require co
var co = require('co')
  , Gate = require('co-gate')
  , fs = require('fs');

co(function *(){
  // create gate
  var gate = new Gate()
    , val = undefined;

  // just call normal apis with as callback
  fs.readFile("test/test1.txt", "utf-8",;
  fs.readFile("test/test2.txt", "utf-8",;

    // yielded
    val = yield gate.out();

  assert.equal(val[0], 'test1');
  assert.equal(val[1], 'test2');




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