An SDL Tridion 2011/2013 extension that adds Syntax Highlighting to the source tab using CodeMirror. Note this package does not contain a Node module.

npm install code-mirror-tridion
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CodeMirror Syntax Highlighting Tridion GUI Extension

Purpose: Add syntax highlighting to the source tab in SDL Tridion Version 0.4 BETA
Supports: SDL Tridion 2011, SDL Tridion 2013 Licence: MIT

Initial version developed at Building Blocks (


Changes in v0.32

  • Support for Tridion 2013
  • Support for built in XSLT Mediator

Changes in v0.3

  • Updated to CodeMirror v2.38
  • Now automatically selects a new syntax highlight mode when the TBB drop down is changed
  • New Syntax Highlighting support for Compound Templates, C# Fragments, XSLT, VBScript, JScript
  • Now available for Page Template and Component Template Views
  • Disabled Word Wrap when the plugin is enabled (thanks Bart)
  • Updated styles (thanks Bart)
  • Updated font and colour scheme (thanks Bart)

Roadmap for v0.5

  • Upgrade to CodeMirror 3.x
  • Suggestions for Razor
  • Full screen support
  • Uninstaller

Roadmap for v0.6

  • Inline documentation
  • Autocomplete Component or Page fields based on a Schema

Uses the fantasic Code Mirror:

Please note this is an Beta, please test in a dev environment

Installation Instructions

There are 2 methods to install, which one you choose depends on your preference. I recommend using the first method but you may not want to install node.js on your server.

**Please note both methods will overwrite anything in %TRIDION_HOME%\web\WebUI\Editors\CodeMirror

Install using npm (The Package Manager for Node.JS)

  1. Install node.js from
  2. Open a command prompt and run npm install -g code-mirror-tridion

Install manually

  1. Download the latest release zip file from [TODO]
  2. Unzip to a location of your choice on your server
  3. Open the folder where you unzipped to
  4. Run call_install.bat

Known issues

  • Certain code structures are not fully highlighted in RazorTemplate Template Types. This functionality is work-in-progress.


Razor DreamWeaver C# Fragment Compound Template XSLT

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