CoffeeLint rule that warn you when you accidentally overwrite outer scope variable

npm install coffeelint-variable-scope
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CoffeeLint rule that warns you about overwriting outer scope variable.

  ✗ ./
     ⚡ #1-8: Outer scope variable overwrite. a.

✗ Lint! » 2 errors and 1 warning in 2 files

Means: Variable a assigned in 1st line and overwriten in 8th line of file.


npm install coffeelint-variable-scope


Put this in your coffeelint config:

"variable_scope": {
    "module": "coffeelint-variable-scope",
    "scopeDiff": 1


scopeDiff - Reports an error if upper and lower variable assign scope level difference is equal/bigger than scopeDiff. Default: 1.


npm test
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