Commonplace is the place for reusable components for the Firefox Marketplace (mozilla/fireplace).

npm install commonplace
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Commonplace is the place for reusable components for the Firefox Marketplace (mozilla/fireplace).

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Getting Started

Install node/npm


Use boxen to install a node environment, or use homebrew:

brew install node

And make sure that /usr/local/share/npm/bin is in your $PATH, à la:

export PATH=/usr/local/share/npm/bin:$PATH

Setting up your repo

Create a new repository for your project. In it, create a basic package.json file. You can do this very easily by running npm init.

Next, install commonplace by running npm install commonplace -g. If you already have commonplace installed, update it with npm update -g commonplace.

Creating the commonplace base template

At this point, simply run commonplace install. Running this command will create a src/ directory in your project containing the minimum files needed to run your code. Other directories will also be created for L10n and other functions.

The --gitignore option is available for commonplace install. It will copy a .gitignore into your project. If one already exists, it will print a command to allow you to manually overwrite your current .gitignore file.

Updating Commonplace

To update your commonplace installation, simply run commonplace update --npm from the root of your project. Commonplace will automatically update the global commonplace library to the latest version and update all of the shared modules.

I have questions! Where do I look for more information?

You can check out the Wiki, which has plenty of documentation about the project.

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