Development server that builds your components on every request

npm install component-serve
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Development server that rebuilds your components on every request.


npm install -g component-serve

CLI usage

In the app directory run

# Running on localhost:3000
$ component serve

# Running on localhost:3030
$ component serve -p 3030

# Running on localhost:3000 and output at directory named `out`
# Compiled files available on /out/build.js /out/build.css
$ component serve --out out

# Running on localhost:3000 and use component-styl builder plugin
$ npm install component-styl --save
$ component serve --use component-styl

# Running on localhost:3000 and compile build.js without require
$ component serve --no-require

Programmatic usage

It is possible to use component-serve as an Express middleware:

var cs = require('component-serve');

app.use('/build', cs({
  root: process.cwd(),
  plugins: [ require('component-jade') ]
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