Conclude is an event-notifyer

npm install conclude
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Run callbacks when all of loadings occured.

conclude.after('all-tasks', function(){
    console.log('All tasks complete');

// Define tasks with a string
conclude.after('mysql mongo memcache', function(){
    console.log('Ready A');
// Define tasks as an Array
conclude.after(['mysql', 'mongo', 'memcache'], function(){
    console.log('Ready B');
// Define tasks as arguments
conclude.after('mysql', 'mongo', 'memcache', function(){
    console.log('Ready C');
// All styles together
conclude.after(['mysql'], 'mongo memcache', function(){
    console.log('Ready D');

var complete = conclude.getComplete();

    // All-tasks will be ready after others
    conclude.task('other').after('memcached mongo mysql');
    // Notify conclude
    // Notify with closure

The output:

Ready A
Ready B
Ready C
Ready D
All tasks complete
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