Concurix monitoring agent

npm install concurix-monitor
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Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Monitoring

Node.js offers phenomenal performance and scalability (particularly on modern multi and manycore servers), but sublte programming bugs can demolish performance rapidly. Concurix builds trace analysis and visualization tools that make it easy for developers to pinpoint bottlenecks and uncork parallelism.

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$ npm install concurix-monitor

Quick Start

  1. Login on to When you create a project, you will be assigned an account key.

  2. Include the following snippet before any other require statement:

    var cx = require('concurix-monitor')({accountKey: <your account key> });
  3. Run your app

    $ node app.js
  4. Visit -> and select your project to view performance graphs.



Initializes tracer. The tracer automatically wraps every function found in the exports object returned by require. This allows the tracer to partially reconstruct and visualize the call tree of your running code.

The following options are suported:

  • accountKey your account key, data is collected and analyzed per account key
  • archiveInterval time in milliseconds for sending data to the cloud for analysis and visualization. Defaults to 60000 for NODE_ENV=production, 2000 (2 seconds) otherwise.
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