ycb config file loader, merger, cacher

npm install conferge
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Load and merge ycb config files ready to be queried.


var conferge = require('conferge');

\\ files can be either a path where files will be read from
var files = './directory';
\\ or an array of filenames
var files = [ './directory/dimension', './directory/app' ];

\\ optionally a second argument can be passed that is the location of the dimensions file
\\ or an actual dimensions object (such as the contents of a dimensions file)

\\ load all .json[5]
var config = conferge(files);

\\ config can then be queried as a ycb object
var opts = {};

See the tests for more details.

By default ycb calculations are cached for a quicker second retrieval. Bypass the cache by passing true as a second argument:

console.log(config(opts), true);
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