This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

npm install connect-leveldb
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This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb and is heavily based on the connect-redis module.


npm install connect-leveldb


  • db An existing db
  • dbLocation The location of the database to open / create.
  • ttl Session time to live (TTL) in seconds.
  • prefix Key prefix defaults to "sess:"


Very simple to setup.

var connect = require('connect')
var LeveldbStore = require('connect-leveldb')(connect)

  .use(connect.session({ store: new LeveldbStore(options), secret: 'keyboard cat' }))

Express users.

var LeveldbStore = require('connect-leveldb')(express)

With Sublevel you need to specify the value encoding:

var LevelUp = require('level');
var Sublevel = require('level-sublevel');
var LeveldbStore = require('connect-leveldb')(express);
var db = Sublevel(LevelUp(__dirname + '/db'));
var sessions = db.sublevel('sessions', { valueEncoding: 'json' });

Things to Note

This module uses a lazy deletion model which means it will only clean up sessions IF a user access the site after they expire. It is primarily designed for use on sites with users who regularly revisit the site for updates.


Copyright (c) 2013 Mark Wolfe Licensed under the MIT license.

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