Middleware for connect that fetches Tweets.

npm install connect-user-tweets
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Middleware for connect that registers an endpoint to look up Tweets posted by a given user. Tweets will be cached on the connect server to help prevent going over Twitter's rate limit.


npm install connect-user-tweets


var connect = require('connect'),
    connectUserTweets = require('connect-user-tweets');

var app = connect();

        screen_name: 'posco2k8',
        count: 2, // Default. Number of tweets to return.
        cache_timeout: 5 * 60000, // Default five minutes
        consumer_key: '...', 
        consumer_secret: '...',
        access_token: '...',
        access_token_secret: '...'

You can now access the API by sending a GET request to: http://localhost:3000/tweets.

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