Consume a callback without complecting handling with errorHandling

npm install consume
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Consume a callback without complecting handling with errorhandling.

Because functions that only do one thing is better than functions that does two. And honestly how many times did you forget to write if (err) /* Handle it */ at the top of a callback.


fs.readFile('../package.json', consume(handleError, logPackage))

function logPackage(buffer) {
  var json = JSON.parse(buffer.toString())
  console.log(, '\n',
    json.description, '\n',
    json.version, '\n',

function handleError(error) {
  console.log(error); // Not that handled, but you get the point


type Callback<T>: (Error, T) => void

consume(errorHandler, successHandler)

consume( (Error) => void, (T) => void ) => Callback<T>

Thats all. Technically both the errorHandler and the successHandler are optional, but you don't get anywhere without a success handler. And you have to type consume(null, onSuccess) to ignore the error, which should make you think twice.


As a companion to continuable, consume lets you take that last step and use single purpose, composable functions to the end.

License MIT

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