Event based utility for setTimeout and setInterval

npm install continuous
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Continuous is an event based utility used for setTimeout and setInterval. It is useful when trying to have code that runs at random or continuous intervals.

How to Install:

npm install continuous

How to Use:

var continuous = require('continuous');

//tell it to run 5 times
//every 1 to 3 seconds
var options = {
    limit: 5,
    minTime: 1000,
    maxTime: 3000,
    callback: function(){
        console.log('I have run');
        return Math.round(new Date().getTime()/1000.0);
    random: true

var run = new continuous( options );

run.on('started', function(){
    console.log('It has begun to run');

run.on('stopped', function(){
    console.log('All Done');

run.on('complete', function(count, result){
    console.log('I have run ' + count + ' times');
    console.log('The return of callback is:');

//start it

//force it to stop after 5 seconds
setTimeout( function(){
}, 5000 );


  • limit: Number - optional, default: -1(forever)
  • time: Number - milliseconds between runs (non-random only), default: 1000
  • minTime: Number - min allowed milliseconds between runs (random only), default: 0
  • maxTime: Number - max allowed milliseconds between runs (random only), default: 1000
  • random: Boolean - whether or not it should run randomly between minTime and maxTime, default: false
  • callback: Function - function to run continuously


  • start() - start running
  • stop() - stop running
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