Run ImageMagicks `convert` on CouchDB documents.

npm install couchmagick
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Run ImageMagicks convert on CouchDB documents.

couchmagick runs as an os_daemon, which means that CouchDB manages the process and you can configure it using CouchDBs configuration mechanism, which is both a huge win.

The versions and commandline arguments are defined in design documents under a couchmagick section.

couchmagicks Stream based implementation provides low memory footprint.


The installation of couchmagick is dead simple.

Make sure you have ImageMagick installed, eg on Debian:

apt-get install imagemagick

Install couchmagick via npm:

npm install couchmagick -g

Daemon Configuration

Add couchmagick to os_daemons config section:

couchmagick = couchmagick

Now CouchDB takes care of the couchmagick process.

; Optional username and password, used by the workers to access the database
username = mein-user
password = secure
; Number of simultaneous changes feeds in parallel. Default is 20.
; Increase it to at least  the number of your databases, to get best performance.
; If streams is less than the number of databases, all databases will still be queried
; but in intervals of the changes_feed_timeout (see below). You should keep the 
; streams parameter equal to or larger than the number of databases in the server
; usually.
streams = 20
; Concurrency level (number of simultanous convert processes per stream). Default is 1.
; this should be set to the number of cores of your cpu for optimum performance, but
; it really depends on the number of databases and their usage patterns.
concurrency = 1
; Timeout for a convert process in ms. Default is 60000 (1min). This should be plenty
; for the usual image resizes, increase it if you deal with really large images and complex
; imagemagick processing.
convert_process_timeout = 60000
; Timeout for changes feed in ms. Default is 60000. See the 'streams' parameter above
; if you have a really large number of databases in your server and cannot afford to
; have a changes feed open to each of them.
changes_feed_timeout = 60000
; Batch size. This limits the batches the workers will take from the changes feed.
; It basically translates to a limit parameter on the changes feed. Default is 0.
; IMPORTANT NOTE: currently you should leave it at 0 unless other feeds than
; `continuous` are supported by couchmagick, because the feed does not stop
; after `limit` changes has been arrived.
; See
limit = 0

Imagemagick Configuration

Add a couchmagick property to a design document. couchmagick will process all databases which have such a design document.

  "_id": "_design/my-couchmagick-config",
  "_rev": "1-a653b27246b01cf9204fa9f5dee7cc64",
  "couchmagick": {
    "versions": {
      "thumbnail": {
        "args": [
          "-resize", "x100"

See couchmagick-stream for available options.


Lint your code via npm run jshint.


Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Johannes J. Schmidt, null2 GmbH

Licensed under the MIT license.

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