Data-layer between cozy applications and persistence systems

npm install cozy-data-system
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Cozy Data System

Little API that act as a middleware between applications and data sent to the database, to the indexer and to the file system.


Install CouchDB (1.2.0), NodeJS (> 0.8.0) then:

git clone git://
cd cozy-data-system

# Load submodules
git submodule init
git submodule update

# Load dependencies
npm install

Once datasystem is installed, run it with:

coffee server

Cozy instance setup

To set it up inside your cozy instance:

# Get cozy monitor
npm install cozy-monitor -g
cozy-monitor install data-system



Run tests with following commmand

NODE_ENV="test" cake tests

About Cozy

Cozy Data System is part of the Cozy platform backend. Cozy is the personal server for everyone. It allows you to install your every day web applications easily on your server, a single place you control. This means you can manage efficiently your data while protecting your privacy without technical skills.

More informations and hosting services on:

Cozy on IRC

Feel free to check out our IRC channel (#cozycloud on if you have any technical issues/inquiries or simply to speak about Cozy cloud in general.

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