Gattering service for crossmon-server

npm install crossmon-collect
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Crossmon-collect is the gattering service for crossmon-server. Crossmon-collect starts periodically the collecting modules and send the collected datas to the crossmon-server.

This service only works on conclusion with at least one collecting module like crossmon-cpu.

A sample configuration file can be found in the module directory. At the startup crossmon-collect searches for a configuration file. This is the search order:

  • /etc/crossmon/collect_config.json
  • [module-home-directory]/collect_config.json
  • [module-home-directory]/collect_config.sample.json


  • node.js -- v0.8.0 or newer
  • A running crossmon-server


You can install the collecting service simply by running:

npm install crossmon-collect -g

You have to set the IP-Address or hostname and the port of the storage service (crossmon-server).

crossmon-collect setup server value
crossmon-collect setup port value 7654

At minimum you will need one collecting module like crossmon-cpu.

npm install crossmon-cpu -g

After the module installation you can set up the service. At first you must enable the module.

crossmon-collect enable crossmon-cpu

After that you can setup the module by running.

crossmon-collect setup crossmon-cpu

Depending on the installed module the setup will guide you thru the configuration.


You can start the service with.

crossmon-collect start

You can stop the service with.

crossmon-collect stop

You can restart the service with.

crossmon-collect restart


The following command shows you the options for crossmon-collect.

crossmon-collect --help
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