Graphical monitoring service

npm install crossmon-server
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Crossmon services contains of two services. crossmon-server acts as http and storage server for the collected datas. The http server presents all the collected data in graphs trough the website. The second service crossmon-collect run on every machine you want to observe. This service starts periodically the collecting modules and send the collected datas to the crossmon-server.

A sample configuration file can be found in the module directory. At the startup crossmon-server searches for a configuration file.

This is the search order:

  • /etc/crossmon/config.json
  • [module-home-directory]/config.json
  • [module-home-directory]/config.sample.json

Depending on your configuration you need to install a database module:

  • npm install sqlite3 for storing the data in a sqlite-database
  • npm install mysql for storing the data in a mysql-database
  • other databases comming soon ...



npm install crossmon-server -g

To start with a sample configuration gattering the cpu usage of the current machine you can use the simple setup script:

crossmon-server simplesetup

To configure the hole service including the allowed collecting machines (clients), you can run:

crossmon-server setup


You can start the service with

crossmon-server start

Stop the service with

crossmon-server stop

Restarting the service with

crossmon-server restart

Getting information of the current configuration

crossmon-server info
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