Croudia API client library for node.js

npm install croudia
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Croudia client API for node.js

node-croudia aims to provide a complete, asynchronous client library for the Croudia API, including the REST and search endpoints. It was inspired by, and uses some code from, @AvianFlu's ntwitter.


You can install node-croudia and its dependencies with npm: npm install croudia.

Getting started

The most significant API change involves error handling in callbacks. Callbacks now receive the error as a separate parameter, rather than as part of the data. This is consistent with node's standard library. Callbacks should now look something like this:

function (err, result) {
  if (err) return callback(err);

  // Do something with 'result' here

Where callback is the parent function's callback. (Or any other function you want to call on error.)

Setup API

The keys listed below can be obtained from after setting up a new App.

var Croudia = require('croudia');

var crou = new Croudia({
  consumer_key: 'consumer key here',
  consumer_secret: 'consumer secret here',

Authentication API

var authorizeUrl = crou.getAuthorizeUrl();

// open browser and input authorizeUrl

var responsedUrl = 'responsed url here';

crou.login(responsedUrl, function(err) {
  if (err) {

  // Authentication success


Interaction with other parts of Croudia is accomplished through their RESTful API. The best documentation for this exists at Convenience methods exist for many of the available methods, but some may be more up-to-date than others. If your Croudia interaction is very important, double-check the parameters in the code with Croudia's current documentation.

  .updateStatus('Test voice from node-croudia/' + crou.VERSION,
    function (err, data) {
      if (err) {

Method list

Please refer to the doc directory for more information on each method.

/** Basic api access */
Croudia#get(url, params, callback);
Croudia#post(url, content, content_type, callback);

/** Authentication resources */
Croudia#login(responseUrl, callback);

/** Timeline resources */
Croudia#getPublicTimeline(params, callback);
Croudia#getHomeTimeline(params, callback);
Croudia#getUserTimeline(id, params, callback);
Croudia#getMentions(params, callback);

/** Voice resources */
Croudia#updateStatus(text, params, callback);
Croudia#updateWithMediaStatus(text, media_path, params, callback);
Croudia#destroyStatus(id, callback);
Croudia#deleteStatus = Croudia.prototype.destroyStatus;
Croudia#showStatus(id, params, callback);
Croudia#getStatus = Croudia.prototype.showStatus;

/** Secret mail resources */
Croudia#getSecretMails(params, callback);
Croudia#getSecretMailsSent(params, callback);
Croudia#getSentSecretMails = Croudia.prototype.getSecretMailsSent;
Croudia#newSecretMail(id, text, callback);
Croudia#updateSecretMail = Croudia.prototype.sendSecretMail = Croudia.prototype.newSecretMail;
Croudia#destroySecretMail(id, callback);
Croudia#deleteSecretMail = Croudia.prototype.destroySecretMail;
Croudia#showSecretMail(id, callback);
Croudia#getSecretMail = Croudia.prototype.showSecretMail;

/** User resources */
Croudia#showUser(id, callback);
Croudia#lookupUsers(id, callback);
Croudia#showUsers = Croudia.prototype.lookupUsers;

/** Various setting resources */
Croudia#updateProfileImage(image_path, callback);
Croudia#updateProfile(params, callback);

/** Friendship resources */
Croudia#createFriendship(id, callback);
Croudia#destroyFriendship(id, callback);
Croudia#deleteFriendship = Croudia.prototype.destroyFriendship;
Croudia#showFriendship(source, target, callback);
Croudia#lookupFriendship(id, callback);
Croudia#getFriendsIds(id, callback);
Croudia#getFollowersIds(id, callback);
Croudia#getFriendsList(id, params, callback);
Croudia#getFollowersList(id, params, callback);

/** Favorites resources */
Croudia#getFavorites(params, callback);
Croudia#createFavorite(id, params, callback);
Croudia#favoriteStatus = Croudia.prototype.createFavorite;
Croudia#destroyFavorite(id, params, callback);
Croudia#deleteFavorite = Croudia.prototype.destroyFavorite;

/** Spread resources */
Croudia#spreadStatus(id, params, callback);

/** Search resources */
Croudia#searchVoices(query, params, callback);
Croudia#searchUsers(query, params, callback);


  • Unit test
  • Fix all the things! on the GitHub issues list
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