mouse module for 2d games. designed for games using the canvas.

npm install crtrdg-mouse
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crtrdg mouse

mouse listener module for crtrdg

Goals for crtrdg mouse:

  • Emit click, mouseup, mousedown, and mousemove events.


  • node.js
  • browserify / beefy
  • crtrdg-gameloop (or another game object with a reference to the canvas id)

Getting started

Install node if you haven't already.

Install browserify and beefy:

npm install -g browserify beefy

Create an index.html file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>crtrdg gameloop test</title>

<canvas id="game"></canvas>

<script src="./bundle.js"></script>

Create a game.js file:

// use crtrdg-gameloop for animating to the canvas with requestAnimationFrame.
var Game = require('gameloop');

// require crtrdg-mouse
var Mouse = require('crtrdg-mouse');

// create a new game
var canvas = document.createElement('canvas');

var game = new Game({
  renderer: canvas.getContext('2d')

game.width = canvas.width = 800;
game.height = canvas.height = 400;

// create the mouse and pass in the game and canvas element as arguments
var mouse = new Mouse(game, canvas);

// listen for click events
mouse.on('click', function(loc){
  console.log('click at: ', loc);

// listen for mousedown events
mouse.on('mousedown', function(loc){
  console.log('mousedown at: ', loc);

// listen for mouseup events
mouse.on('mouseup', function(loc){
  console.log('mouseup at: ', loc);

// listen for mousemove events
mouse.on('mousemove', function(loc){
  console.log('mousemove at: ', loc);

Purpose of crtrdg:

Almost every javascript game / animation library I've found bundles things like requestAnimationFrame polyfill, gameloop, entities, abstract drawing methods, keyboard/mouse input, vector math, and more into one entangled library. If I don't like how the library handles just one of those components, I'm stuck with dead library weight, and sometimes it's difficult to replace a library's methods.

So what if each element of 2d games were broken up into it's own modules / repositories?

With inspiration from voxel.js, crtrdg is a collection of javascript modules used for developing 2d games.

As I learned more about node.js, the core events module, and browserify, I realized the ideal api for making simple 2d games could be based on node's events module. So you'll see a lot of crtrdg modules exposing an api that includes .on('some event', function(){}), which seems to make a lot of sense for games.

Other crtrdg modules:


  • Fork this repository.
  • Create a branch for you changes.
  • Include tests if applicable.
  • Add/edit documentation for any changes.
  • Submit a pull request.



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