css loader module for webpack

npm install css-loader
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css loader for webpack


npm install css-loader


Documentation: Using loaders

var css = require("css!./file.css");
// => returns css code from file.css, resolves imports and url(...)

css code will be minimized if specified by the module system.

@import and url(...) are interpreted like require() and will be resolved by the css-loader. Good loaders for requiring your assets are the file-loader and the url-loader which you should specify in your config (see below).

To be combatible to existing css files:

  • url(image.png) => require("./image.png")
  • url(~module/image.png) => require("module/image.png")

Example config

This webpack config can load css files, embed small png images as Data Urls and jpg images as files.

module.exports = {
  module: {
    loaders: [
      { test: /\.css/, loader: "style-loader!css-loader" },
      { test: /\.png/, loader: "url-loader?limit=100000&mimetype=image/png" },
      { test: /\.jpg/, loader: "file-loader" }

'Root-relative' urls

For urls that start with a /, the default behavior is to not translate them:

  • url(/image.png) => url(/image.png)

If a root query parameter is set, however, it will be prepended to the url and then translated:

With a config like:

    loaders: [
      { test: /\.css/, loader: "style-loader!css-loader?root=." },

The result is:

  • url(/image.png) => require("./image.png")


MIT (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php)

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