iterate over rows in a csv file

npm install csv-iterator
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A ligthweight async csv-iterator for Node.js.

Example that creates an iterator from a file to iterate over rows 10 to 20:

var csvIterator = require('csv-iterator')

var iterator = csvIterator.fromFile('input.csv', {from: 10, to: 20})

The resulting iterator can be used with the async-iterators module to apply transformations or write to a target.


fromLines(lineIterator, options)


  • toObjects: transform the rows from arrays to objects according to the csv header
  • from: start iteration on the specified row index (index is inclusive)
  • to: end iteration on the specified row index (index is inclusive)

fromFile(path, options)

Same options as fromLineIterator.

toLines(iterator, options)

Creates an iterator that transforms arrays or objects to CSV formatted lines.


  • objects (default: false): defines whether the source iterator returns arrays or objects
  • columns (optional): If objects: true this option will configure the columns that are output.

toFile(iterator, path, [options], cb)

Convenience function that uses toLines to write directly to a file.


  • same as toCSV options
  • encoding (default utf8)
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