Import CSV files in Couchbase

npm install csv2couchbase
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Import CSV files in Couchbase

Don't expect to much from this library. If you wish to see any other features - feel free to fork / contribute and push.


  1. Install node.js.
  2. Do npm install csv2couchbase.


csv2couchbase --csv path/to/csv
              [--host hostname] 
              [--password password]
              [--bucket bucket]
              [--queryhost queryhost]
              [--columns "col1,col2,col3"]
              [--pick "col1,col3"]
              [--omit "col2"]
              [--chunksize 1000]
              [--doctype doctype]

Command line options

  • --csv path/to/csv - specify path to csv file
  • --host hostname, --password password, --bucket bucket, --queryhost queryhost - see coachbase documentation
  • --columns "col1,col2,col3" - specify name of the columns in CSV file, in other case data will be imported as array of values.
  • --autocolumns - set this flag is columns can be autodiscovered in the first CSV line.
  • --pick "col1,col3" - specify which columns you want to include.
  • --omit "col2" - other way of omitting columns which you don't want to import.
  • --chunksize - default chunk size is 1000, script uses addMulti to import data by chunks.
  • --doctype - specify doctype property for each object. Also this value will be used to construct id for rows {doctype}_{index}.
  • --simulate - don't import anything to Couchbase, just simulate reading and print output to console.


If you want to import GeoLite Country csv file

csv2couchbase --csv ~/Desktop/GeoIPCountryWhois.csv --bucket default --doctype geoip --columns "ip_from,ip_to,ip_int_from,ip_int_to,country_short,country"
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